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Rick's presentations are tailored to each individual's/associations needs and desired outcomes. Whether it's humor (used to entertain not embarrass), seriousness, or a combination that you're looking for, Rick will develop a program that's powerful and delivered with excellence.

Rick Metzger- Roses

Youth Programs

"Gold Medals Don't Make Champions"

  • This program for high School students helps them understand the importance of respect, using the abilities that you have to be better than you imagined, making choices, and the rewards/consequences of those choices that you make. It’s learning that a gold medal doesn’t make you a champion nor being first is what makes you a success. It’s about being the best you can be while achieving the best you can get. Rick uses audience participation in this presentation to help deliver this impactful message.

(Be Outstanding Or Get Involved Elsewhere)

  • Geared toward students – This high-energy presentation is a “How to…” program. It helps youth to understand and deal with peer pressure, how to build and maintain self-esteem, how to set and achieve goals and how to stay positive around negative people. Utilizing humor and audience participation, Rick gets everyone involved. This is a great program for school assemblies and leadership conferences. This program for high school assemblies targets peer pressure and making choice (including drug, alcohol, and tobacco), self belief, goal setting, motivation, and the importance of leadership. Rick’s programs are sprinkled with good clean humor to enhance acceptance by the audience. Rick wows his audiences with many personal life-applicable stories that his audiences can relate to. He takes the young people on a roller coaster ride from laughter to silence, throughout the action packed hour program.

"Me A Leader? What's Next?"
(Student Leader Workshop)

  • A three hour workshop for student leaders. This workshop consists of 80% hands-on learning about communication, conflict resolution, team-building, and the understanding of how personality and attitude affects their daily lives. During this time Rick will target team work, effective leadership skills, communication, conflict resolution, and personality self-assessment. It is a workshop for student leaders or students whom staff feel would benefit from discovering more about themselves and using the abilities and talents they poses to be better leaders. The workshop can range from a 60 minutes presentation to three hours, depending on student/building availability. "Me a Leader? What's Next?" allows teens to learn about themselves by learning about their personality and attitude and how they change what happens to them daily. In addition, there is an emphasis on the importance of communication skills, and the many ways to improve. At the conclusion of the workshop students will put all of these skills together as they learn how to become a TEAM and use their leadership skills to become the person/leader they are capable of being.

"In Case of Fire — Yell Fire!"

  • Parent Program - This presentation is a light-hearted, yet serious look at the problems facing young people and their parents today. Parents will take a look at themselves and see if they are truly a part of the solution or if they are adding to the problems that face young people today.

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Adult Programs


  • The four rules of success! A tremendous keynote for organizational meetings and conventions. Rick will encourage participants to: Drink - from the fountain of happiness, Steal - a little time to do an act of kindness, Swear - to live your life to the fullest, and Lie - down each night and thank God for our freedoms and the opportunity to follow our dreams.

The Best Way to Predict Your Future . . . CREATE IT!

  • What is holding you back from being and accomplishing the things you want to do, have or be? We become comfortable, content if you will and realize we can just do the same old thing the same old way and move along towards retirement. However, retirement may be a long way off for many of us and we need to make change happen now. OH MY - not that CHANGE word! How do we make change happen? How do we become better at what we do? These questions and many more will be answered in this keynote presentation as we prepare for our future.

Putting it all Together — 10 Steps to Greater Success!

  • What is it that separates a mediocre company or organization from a great one? What separates an average salesperson from a top producing salesperson. What makes one manager bring out the best in their employees from a manager that's just a manager? Is it what they eat? Is it what they wear? Were they born with a special gene? Is it the company they work for? Is it because they have a fancy title? The answer is NO! The answer is _______________, well if I told you here you would not need this workshop. However these questions and many more can be answered by "Putting It All Together!"

Motivational Lecture
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